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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Every once in a while someone asks about wheels for the Rocket. Has anyone replaced them? How about with some spokes? I have always preferred spokes over cast wheels in fact the more spokes the better. However, I don't know if they would work with the Rocket shaft set up. But just the front would be OK by me. The Rocket's front wheel is 3.5 X 17 and rear is 7.5 X 16. I noticed one of the new VTX 1800's has spokes and the front wheel is a 17. Wonder how that would look on the Rocket?
I wonder if the Rocket's torque would rip those spokes right out of there? I would buy a spoke wrench anyway..:)
Speaking of wheels,just checked out Robb Report motorcycle,advertisers and found Capricorn wheel mfg.Don't know how to transfer stuff but thier wheels are something else.//www.capricorncustomwheels.com/ Don't ask me how I did that.
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AMAZING Wheels...

I thought I'd seen it all with billet wheels but these are AMAZING! Imaging one of these on your R3?? I think they'd be a huge hit... :D :D :D
:) I think our super large twin front rotors would hide most of any cool looking wheel...look at your Rocket and see how much wheel you can really see