Rocket Shop Manual


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May 11, 2006
Lake City, FL
Just a quick note for anyone interested; I just purchased a factory shop manual from a guy on Ebay, it arrived today, and I'm totally satisfied. It was 47.00 including priority shipping, and arrived in 2 days.

Hope this doesn't violate any posting rules, but as this is the first manual for the R3 I've seen (including from the factory) I thought I'd pass it along.
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Any Triumph dealer has a factory workshop manual that you can purchase. If manualmainia is simply photo copying these they may be in some very deep copyright do-do.....

Did this manual come in a blue and white binder? Was it used? Just curious....
It is somewhat different from the manual I bought for my Bonneville T100 from the factory, but if it's a reproduction, they did a superb job.
The manual appears to be brand-new
It has the blue & white covers like my bonneville manual, although a different shade (navy for the new Rocket manual vs. arctic blue for the Bonnie manual) but the spine is not glued, rather it has a welded plastic binder, and clear plastic outer cover. Paper weight seems to be identical, and all printing & images are dark and clear, with no toner shading on the blank portions.
It also has the fold-out full color wiring diagram, which is one of the main reasons I wanted a shop manual, as I plan to install the electronic turn signal flasher/cancellers from ( what's up with that, by the way? $18,000 motorcycle, and I have to buy aftermarket signal cancellers?)
If the factory service manual is available, it's not listed on their website under parts & accessories like the one for my Bonneville was; and besides which I payed twice as much for the Bonnie manual from the factory.
All in all, it was a good purchase for me, Your Mileage May Vary.
Re Shop Manual

I went back & reread the item description: it says it is an exact REPLICA so there's our answer, it's a repro.
I'm still happy.
I'm glad you are happy with it :D... I bought my shop manual from my Dealer. The very first page has a section on copyrights and copyright violations, I'll bet your manual is missing that page :eek:, maybe not, if he is going to forge the whole manual why bother leaving out something that obvious. This will be interesting to see what happens to this guy, if anything at all. I noticed that he has also made counterfeit copies of just about every motorcycle manual out there, not just the Rocket III. This guy is pretty much a career criminal, isn't he?

While I can appreciate people trying to save a few bucks I really don't think it is right that he ends up using our website for free advertising, a website that we have all put so much hard work into. If it was a legit offering I would have different feelings about it. At this time I am going to edit out your link. I feel no need to add to this guy's income from a criminal venture. If people want to support his income... I think they can figure out how to do it.