Rocket in Kansas City Star

raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
I am still recouperating from the Sturgis Rally and ride. But I thought you other Rocket owners might enjoy the article and photos of my group in Sturgis. One day a reporter from the KC Star and a photographer followed our group on a day ride. You can find it by googling Kansas City Star, type Sturgis in the search engine, and go to the 4th article "Lure of the open road hard to resist" then you can go to the photo gallery and select "Kansas Citians ride to Devil's Tower". Nice to see my Rocket amoungst the throngs of Harley's...but it was also nice to see the thongs on Harley's!
Haaaaa.... You should be barking orders to the Harley Guys!!! Thats the only time they are going to see you up close... :roll: