Rivco License Plate Relocator


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Jul 4, 2007
Greenwood, In
I purchased the rivco license plate relocator, #294 and asked the mechanic at the local triumph shop how many labor hours he would charge to put it on and he said 2 hours. That seems a little steep to me. Has anyone put this on and if so, how long did it take and how complicated was it?
It is pretty easy. You will, however, have to unplug the turnsignals connections which are located under the left side cover. Then you need to pull those wires through, and out from under the rear fender. There are little tabs all along the inside of the fender that hold the wires up. You will need to bend these tabs out to get the turn signal wires out.

You could also skip this step and just cut the wires and re-splice them when you put it back together.

The bracket itself is easy enough to replace, and should be self explanatory just by looking at it.

NOTE: If you have Corbin bags, this bracket will cause the turnsignals to hit the bottom of the bags, enough to rub paint off. I have since did away with the Triumph turn signals all together and found some little signals that mount to the license plate bolts and wired those in.
Yeah... 2 hours is a little much. One hour would be reasonable. Maybe he's never put one on and is hedging his guess.

The Rocket's tail lamp and license plate bracket is kind of a goofy setup, but its not hard to work around, especially if you have a lift (like I'm sure your dealer has).
Check out my Post

at First Mod to new R3.

I modified my own license plate bracket this morning by simply cutting off the bottom of the bracket. 10 minutes and I was done. I also put a picture on there to show the results.
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I ended up doing it myself because I thought 2 hours seemed excessive, and it was. I completed it in about 35 - 40 minutes and it was not all that difficult, and it looks much better than stock.