Riding Versatility


Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
My rides of the day. Temp barely above 40° F. Overcast. Bit of sun rays. Some showers. Here I go:
  1. 120 miles on the D675, to break it in, around the Lake of Geneva. Am 1/3 rd done with this intimacy-conducive break-in duty:) , supposed to be done with @ 800 miles. The bike is so incredibly rpm-happy. It's also, at least coming from a Rocket III, prone to over-steer. Chicken strips on the rear tyre now narrowed to less than an inch, without even trying any hard crankin. Summary: Heaps of fun. A bit of spine ache. Jamie's birth year magically advanced to 1969.
  2. 60 miles on the green Rocket III. Nothing to report, except that she is indeed something (someone?) else and shall remain my "number one mistress", as any wealthy Arab knave would say. Oh, I almost forgot: A senior HD dresser rider pompously asking (challenging) me as to whether the Rocket III was "actually credible" . I said: "Are you?"
  3. 10 miles (9 too many) on a friend's K 1200 Roadster (whatever the exact nomenclature) , i.e the 4 cyl. wunderbike with allegedly 167 ponies on it, that had caused a bit of envious salivation (or undue Rocket ownership remorse) on the part of some Rocket Science members. That was my second encounter with this German A to B rolling (quasi) perfection. Summary: I am still not getting it. Not at all. To me, what's happening between A and B is what biking is all about. And my friend now has a D675 on order (TRUE story!). Then, that other dude parked his brand new K 1200 something in-between my friend's BMW and my green Rocket. I said " Have FUN!" . He said "What do you mean?"
Good night :cool: