Repacking a Reband silencer


Sep 4, 2013
Raleigh NC
2013 R3T, 1960 Franken-Pan
I asked the fine folks at Reband if there was any recommendations they had to quiet down the pipe a little bit. They said that the solution is to pack more fiberglass in the silencer.

Being blessed with all the stubbornness of my Scottish/Irish/Australian genealogy on top of my redneck nurturing, the obvious choice was, LET'S DO THIS!!!

So here are my observations about the process:
1) Forget about it! There is no way on earth that you will EVER get more in there than there was to start with.

2) You will actually wind up with LESS glass in the silencer and it will be noticeably louder than it was.

3) If you don't wear a full hazmat suit you will be itching like a mangy Dingo for about a week.

I don't now who is in charge of packing the glass in them down there, but, I can tell you they are subject to being persistent. They might actually be the only person on the planet that really can put 10 pounds of you know what into a 5 pound sack.