Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Just a reminder to ck. out Link Removed that was in the last issue of torque.You can translate It to english but I bet you still can't read it. I'ts fun.Tons of picts. with new ideas. Sorry I can't make the link hot. copy and paste..Jack
Where'd That Come From?

Brian...... Wonder where the lower piece on the white R3 came from? I wonder if it goes under the engine as well or just covers the water pump and oil covers?

Once again thanks..Looks like that engine faring might help to push more air to radiator..They seem to have some good ideas..Noticed some of them couldn't quite flat foot the monsters. Jack
I have looked at several of the mods they have done and I am quite impressed. Maybe we could start a Rocket exchange program? I think we do have a Japanese member here.

I'm with you guy's on the lower piece on the silver R3. Also did you see the wind screen on the scorched yellow bike?
There were some real nice bike’s there.
We have several people here at my work the speak anything from Japanese to Mandarin so If we need to talk to them I’m sure I could get one to translate for us. It’s amazing what you can get done when you say free lunch around her. :bch:
Fly screen and spoiler

Pig9r and busajack those sights you posted there is some really cool Rockets . Do you guy or any one else know where to get those spoilers that are on the bottom of the radiator? There is a white and grey and black rocket that has it. And also those Rockets has a diffrent fly sceen its different then the Triumpy fly screen. This goes on more of a angle and cover's a little more of the lights does any one know where to get them?