Received and sent my OEM questionnaire

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Jul 16, 2006
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Well, yesterday I got a questionnaire from Triumph Motorcycles, LTD. This one came from England, not Newman Georgia and was full of questions about my experience with the R3, mechanical issues, dealer attentiveness and service attitudes as well as my experiences with RAT. Of course I explained to them that even though I was a multiple Hinkley Triumph owner I wasn't a RAT member simply because their website wouldn't allow me to register, that my local dealer went tit's up, that the company seemed less than attentive to the needs both in the terms of fixing problems and after the sale attitude and their less than fair pricing of OEM accessories. I did that all in writing with the addition of both my business number and my personal phone number with a note to call me to discuss it further.......we'll see what develops. I'm not holding my breath.

The R3 is a great bike, a fantastic bike. So is the Bonneville. So long as neither bike develops any problems. It seems to me if they do, especially internal problems, Triumph would rather turn the other cheek and ignore it as long as possible and let their customers bear the expense of repairs that should be considered warranty and not customer induced.
Yea what Flip said...BJC

Agree wholeheartely. The Rocket is one my three (soon to be four, with the 675 Street Triple due in early November) Hinckley acquisitions. Got yet another "customer satisfaction" survey in the mail, too. What I utterly dislike about those Triumph-originating surveys (unfortunatley copied and pasted from automotive, so-called "rating surveys") is that they primarily and, I suppose, purposedly, invite us to poke holes in the dealer's support. As if the product itself, our bikes, were so perfect and infaillible that only the dealer's attitude and/or aptitude could possibly leave to be desired.

Feeling better, already;). Jamie
It was over two years ago that I filled out my survey to triumph. I know that it did not state, and more pages if necessary, but I did. I let them know of all of my bike issues and of the dealer issues, and I gave them my name and phone # and invited them to call. But now that you remind me, no one has ever called, maybe thats why I can't sleep at night. I give up. I'm just going to start riding it like I stole it, and have a great time on it no matter how rattley it sounds. Rademis
I'm just going to start riding it like I stole it, and have a great time on it no matter how rattley it sounds. Rademis
Good for you. I tend to baby these things and they seem to respond when you ride the hell out of them.

I think these surveys are one of the few ways Triumph gets information on the dealers. I'm sure every dealer tells Triumph they are fantastic. This is more of a real report card on their performance. I think Triumph would be amiss if they didn't do something like this.

These surveys still grind on my nerves though...:mad:
Almost forgot....

I almost forgot that there was a 'teaser' that came along with the survey. It simply stated that...'Upon completion and return of this survey, Triumph Motorcycles, LTD will award a new Triumph Motorcycle to a winner chosen at random drawing from all the returned surveys"

I wonder if I just happen to win (fat chance of that) if they will award me a new R3 so I have a spare in case my present bike develops engine problems?

Maybe they will give me a new Victory Vision instead.....:D