reccommed a place to stay in St Louis


Feb 23, 2006
Lincolnton GA
2005 RIII
I will want to spend a day prior to my event in June, can some one reccommend a decent hotel/motel in St louis area that might be a good place for several bikes to meet and stay prior to a SS1000 run to south Dakota?
Somebody on the other site reccommended this place:

the Holiday Inn South's south of the city, right next to I-55. From there it's a short ride to downtown (LaClede's Landing nightlife, the arch, etc.) and then an easy hop back onto I-55 as you leave for SD (which keeps you out of city traffic and offers connections to all the major interstates that go through the area). I've never had any problems with my bike there and the entire property is isolated from other things around it, plus security makes rounds through the parking lot.

Hotel Front Desk: 1-314-8940700 | Hotel Fax: 1-314-8940167

going to call them and maybe a few other places and see if they offer a group discount

should have 5-10 people for the night prior maybe not sure
That would probably be fine but it puts you south of the city a ways.

The primary reasons I recommended what I did is it on the highway you need to travel, there will be plenty of parking, plenty of places to eat and get gas near by and it's a nicer and safer area. My wife is from the area and we travel there frequently. Her brother lives nearby.
St.Louis isn't what I'd term a 'friendly' city. I believe they are tied with Detroit for the highest violent crime incidents in the nation. I'd be wary, especially after dark, about what and where you do and go.

There are areas in Detroit that the police don't go in after dark. I suspect St.Louis has the same kind of areas. My wife spent a week there a few months ago on Gummit business. She stayed right across the road from the Gateway Arch at I believe the Hyatt Regency. She said there was plenty of security prescence. She was in the town proper during the daylight but was at the hotel during the night.

I was a little bummed. She was supposed to go to KC but the conference was changed at the last minute. I would have went to KC with her and spent some time with you know who and you know who and their riding buds. Besides, I've always wanted to visit a certain Triumph dealer in KC.