rear sissy bar/rack


May 3, 2018
Worcester, MA, 01560
2016 Rocket Roadster and 2000 HD Fatboy
I have the detachable TB backrest. I held it up to the RIII. It is not wide enough, get past that and you'd have to drill holes. I don't think it would be worth the effort. Maybe someone else has done it?

I have successfully installed the Rocket Touring detachable backrest on my 2016 Rocket roadster. The bracket holes do not line up one for one to the fender struts, so I drilled an extra hole in the bracket. The fender strut also has a lip on it, on the fender/ inside, which then requires a spacer for the front bolt and a few washers for the rear. The Backrest/ sissy bar itself was too narrow, but I made it wider. I gave the fender a muscle squeeze, in the middle, where the brackets slide between the fender and the fender struts, just enough to gain me maybe 1/16 inch on each side. It's still a tight fit, but I don't care because I'm not planning on pulling this apart again any time soon. For the sissy bar, the original width, end to end was 11-3/4 on mine and I stretched it out to 13 inches even. What that does is put a slight cant to the side plates, which is also okay, because I spaced the mounting brackets enough but also leaving a slight cant knowing that the bending of the bar itself would result in side plate angle tilting outward at the bottom. All this said, it worked out fine and attaches and detaches without issue. I also took the fender strut covers (I believe Triumph calls them mud guard covers) and cut them with a dremel cutoff wheel to allow for the mounting brackets. I took some pictures along the way, but I'm not fully reassembled, but will be next weekend. It's not a bubba job at all. Came out very well.


Standard Bore
Dec 1, 2020
Bonjour à tous,
Je possède un T.Bird 1700 Commander et je recherche un fabriquant de sissy bar.
Je recherche aussi un fabriquant de pare brise.
Je souhaite lui mettre un pare brise type "police", mais court.
Quelqu'un aurait une solution?
Bonne route à tous!

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