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Mar 15, 2006
Edmond, OK
I have drilled out the baffles of the original Rocket pipes. Also, I have a cat bypass pipe. My question which Map should I get? Any help would be appreciated.
thanks in advance!
Yep, what he said. there are numerous suggestion posted on the site. Look for a No-pop Senior. I grafted onto a Tors and Bypass tune, though I don't have Tors and I've not drilled out the bologna muffs, a couple improvements provided by several others on the site. The 10/15% no decel mod, applied to L tables is included in the NoPop Senior. The I2-4 tables are equalized, another fellow Captain's dyno result, if I recall. I labeled it No-pop Senior because it was going on a bagger. The speedo was corrected, 158mph, 100% secondaries, and O2 unchecked. There is another tune I played with that had a lot more get-up and went, but MPGs suffered.
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I didn't think of that. good question. As for the dealer, I doubt you get much of a choice? I had a choice of original or extra crispy only at my 10k debacle.
I have a great dealer here in OKC. He will load any map I want. I am very happy with the sound I have from my pipes. I am just curious what you guys would recommend I re-map the rocket with. Thanks already for the replies.
So I take it you are choosing from Triumph's tunes. I would stick with the 20222, which is the basic tune or the tune that should have been loaded stock.

The stock tunes for the aftermarket pipes and TORs limit power by closing the secondaries in fourth and fifth gear as well as closing them further in the lower gears as well to acheive a lower air to fuel ratio.

Here is what the secondaries are doing in the 20222 tune...the numbers represent % open

Now in the aftermarket exhaust or TOR cat bypass tune....

I would do the 12 min tune though.