RCE Update (Rocket Club de L'Est)


Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Just FYI: The club which I co-founded last Sep. and which I happen to chair is organizing a Rocket-only tour in NE France (Vosges area), on May 7-8-9.

The great news is that the RCE has thus far managed to enroll 37 Rocket's and 55-some participants. Granted, that's 5 Rocket's below last year' s Scandinavian extraordinary record of 42... but we are working on it:)

Scandinavia is kicking to 2nd gear

Jamie I'm not even remotely worried of you beating our last falls little gettogether:D .
We are back even stronger this year, I have been planning with another guy this years rocket meeting in Finland, which will happen at 10th and 11th of August. By the phenomenal interest we got last year I'm sure we get even bigger group together this year..... I'll keep you posted.
Matti, let's UNITE. Besides the Vosges rallye mentioned above, I am already working on another event, something scheduled this Fall in September around Bern, Switzerland's capital and, BTW, a UNESCO-recognized historical city.

The RCE would be truly honored to host you and your buddies. Let me know either here (show 'em Yanks :D !) or via PM. And, in any case, let's keep in touch. Kind regards.

Jamie :)
Jamie, your idea couldn't have hit a better spot:cool: . I have been planning to get to Alps with me missus, at the beginning of September.
We will leave Finland the last week of August and try to make our way over all the way to Austria and Switzerland. I'll keep you posted as our plans advance, but that time is fairly much set that is when we have our holiday together. It would be nice to see you and maybe some of fellow rocketeers around there.:bch: