I can't tell you how hard they are to control. Those guys in the clips have many many hours of practice. I think they are only slightly easier than RC helicopters.

Okay, being the resident (Non Mechanical Guy) I have to ask....... how do they get the bike to lean into the corners. Is there a movable weight that shifts left and right? Help
It's the turn before you need to thing that I have trouble with. There's a tiny delay, at least with the ones I have driven. Could very well be the fact my eye/hand coordination is le poop.
RC Chopper

The guy down the road has an RC Chopper with a weed eater motor in it. It's interesting to watch him fly it but he won't let me touch the RC Transmitter. He said 'you need to learn to fly a crash proof one' first. Lots of coordination involved, more so than a real chopper. He has a real Bell too. I've been up in that. The more coordination thing came from him and he ought to know. He told me that someone that can fly a model chopper can easily master a full size chopper. I wonder if the reverse is true of the RC bikes?

**** eggbeaters.......:eek:
No Its not Flip.Many airline pilots cannot get the hang of RC because you don't have the physical feeling of climbing and falling ETC.We would get our gliders so high we couldn't tell if they were upside down or rightside up,climbing or desending.I could never fly the choppers, only made it to the gliders.Much cheaper and no fuel needed. Jack
We have a RC flying field close to our neighborhood. Most of the guys with the choppers will fire them up, lift off about two feet, maybe rotate 90 degrees, set it back down, then shut it down.