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Jul 16, 2006
20150 Mc Carty Rd. Deerfield, Michigan 49238
Daddy has his bag (arrived this morning), however, I'm in need of a new rain suit. I know, it's not gonna rain for the Nashville trip right?? Wrong. It always rains when I go anywhere other than to work on the bike. For some reason, thunder clouds appear in my mirrors, always. Sometimes, I wonder if some distant relation is Mother Nature and I pissed her off.

I need some recommendations of rain suits. I have an old Dowco one piece that's pure hell to get into, especially now that I've expanded somewhat in the midsection. Besides, it's older than dirt and looks like it.

I sort of like the TourMaster Defender 2 piece with the Red jacket and black pants but opinions, positive and negative on all suits are welcome. They (rain suits) seem to run the gamut from reasonably priced to a Corbin like over the top.


Dec 5, 2006
Durham, NC
I have a TourMaster two-piece.

I like this kind much better than the FroggToggs that I used to have.

I like that the TM jacket can unzip from the botton so that it doesn't ride up when zipped all of the way up... yes... it zips (unzips) in both directions..

I like that the TM pants have zippers from the ankles to the knee so getting your boots through the pant leg is fairly easy.

I didn't like the FroggToggs because they melt very easily and consequently make a heck of a mess. They also wear out quickly resulting in embarrassing leaks when the rain puddles between your legs.


May 26, 2006
2006 Rocket III
Thanks for the heads up on the FroggToggs, RatBoy. I had read they were the dog in a bike rag but knowing the truth is so much better. Hey Flip, answering your own posts finally moved you up to a never seen before level, congrats.:D As for rainsuits, one that works will be the one you brought. I figured that out after dodging storms most of the day. My 20.00 JCWhitney special does an excellent job.
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