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Aug 5, 2006
Hi all, Thought I should introduce myself, Stefan from New Zealand Kiwi country that is, a Triumph fanatic for many years, I passed on my 2002 speed triple six months ago and purchased a 2005 R3 Black of course, I am a Service Manager in a large Mitsubishi Motors Franchise in Christchurch, and my Rocket is an absolute thrill to ride, purchase a Tuneboy and just fitted some D & D's 3 into 2's removed the cat and dropped in new tune to give the bike a little more buzz, have progressive rear shocks and Corbin Rumble seat, Love the bike even more now it has full power, :D thanks all.:bch:
The D&D's are very loud , but thats how I like a bike to sound, especially when you have the ponnies to back it up, I have bad decl pop so gonna drop in another tune with fuel added to lower L tables hope that will take care of most of it, dont mind a wee bit.:)
Welcome Stefan, I run Jardines and a Power Commander on my R/3 and I really have to creep out of the neighborhood in the mornings to stay in good graces with everyone. I like to hear a bike sound off also, it's one of the best sounds in the world on a hot summer night. Welcome and hope to see you jumping in often.
Hi Stefan!! Welcome to our site! You might check the "Trading Tunes" section under the Prop Wand forum... there are some tunes that might fix your decel popping, if I remember it has a lot to do with the center cylinder's map.

I'm a tech at a Nissan dealership in the Kansas City area... we call Mitsubishis itchypu$$ies :D you know... like a cat with fleas....:D

Anywho... please do join in... and remember... we like pics!!!

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Link Removed Glad to have you with us Stefan.

Sounds like you're getting right into the swing of things when it comes to making the beast roar a little bit more. How's the Triumph representation down your way? Hopefully you'll have others to share the fun.

I used to do some work for a company in Christ Church named Humanware (formally Pulse Data). They'd design and build CCTV units with an X/Y table to be used by low vision customers with Macular Degeneration and RP. Are they still in business?
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Hey thanks for the welcome, a few captains around here in NZ I spoke with Mark from Timaru R3 owner gonna arrange to go for a ride soon, my wifes parents are in Geraldine about an hour from his place so may be a good excuse, here,s a pic of the pipes on the bike, have some progressives for the rear coming and also Corbin Rumble seat.
Hey R34ME,good having you here and showing your machine in process of transition.Picture freaks here and one of these days I'll get a camera,which comes after a windshield and lowers.:rolleyes: