R3 Business Cards


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
A while back I realized that almost everywhere I'd park the Beast.....it would always draw a few people who would spend several minutes walking around, bending down and looking it over. A lot of times I'd park in front of an outdoor cafe and plant myself at a table a few feet away. Interesting comments and always I'd here questions about hp, torque, speed, trying to convert 2294 cc to cu in.

So.......... I made an R3 Business Card. On the front I put a picture and on the back I listed what I thought might be answers to questions folks most often ask. I have an ink jet printer so I used Avery #8865 two sided printable (clean edge) business cards. Who knows, maybe it will generate more interest in Triumph in general and R3's in particular.

My girl friend wants to start the TTC club, (Texas Triumph Club). I'm thinking about starting a myspace page and see how much intrest is out there.