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Sep 29, 2007
Loogootee, IN
Hi, All! I'm new here and got a left over 06 Blue Tribal SE for what I thought was a pretty good deal. I wasn't really ready to buy but the test ride and the deal was too good to pass up. I've been out of riding for a while and decided it was time to get out of the cage and back in the saddle. I've racked up a little over 1200 happy miles so far. Now for my question:
(if this has been covered somewhere else I apologize) When we are stuck in Stoplight Hell, is it better to be in gear, clutch in or just find neutral? I've heard both sides so I would like your opinion since you all have been riding these beasties longer than I have
Welcome to the Forum, Dambiggens :D

Yep, that's been debated often and as far as I know there's no shame in asking the same question again. You may find the 1st gear issue, not going fully into 1st when you expect it should, will itself make your mind up for you. I'm an advocate of staying in gear for the sake of escape and evasion.
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Thanks, I kind of lean that way too since I've had my share of comatose cagers trying to run over me while they are (pick one) texting, eating, talking, or suffering from a severe case of cranial/rectal inversion.
I feel bad keeping the clutch in so I usually pop it into neutral. Welcome to the forum Emerson. It took me a time or two to get your user name, I am slow at times.:D
Thanks, Pig9r. I appreciate you and HeR3tic taking the time to answer! The user name is really nothing more than simple powers of observation. (and maybe a few poorly timed comments overheard by my wife!)
Welcom to the forum Emerson.

I agree with HeR3tic. I want to be able to scoot in a hurry if I need to without fumbling for first.
It Depends

Unless I find something my left hand can do better than my right...... I leave it in first and hold in the clutch. I figure while I'm riding my left hand doesn't have much to do and it's just been relaxing, enjoying the scenery. A stop light is a perfect time for the left hand to pull it's weight around here. "There's no such thing as a free lunch"

As to the issue of whether it's bad or good for the clutch..... I don't think that's an issue. The problem might arise if you have a tendency to ride the clutch for long periods of time as you depart in 1st gear.

Flip...... help me out here if I've gone off the deep end?
While in Sturgis this past season, I kept the Rocket in gear while in the "traffic jam state" trying to get through town to go on a ride. Day after day I did this & didn't think twice about it. I agree that keeping the bike in gear allows for a quick evasive attempt to get out of harms way, should the need arise. It happened to me this past summer here in town when a guy was distracted & rolled forward to the point that his bumper was touching my turn signal when I finally realized just how close he was & dropped the clutch to avoid damage. He got a piece of my mind (and knew he was in the wrong).

One other comment, there was a captain who stated his clutch cable was not in "good alignment" with the clutch arm on the left side of the bike engine. With some altering, he was able to take care of it but not after seeing signs of cable fraying. Take a look!

See ya.