Living Legend
Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
I had to be shown where the "prop wand" was located. I was all inside that back bone frame looking for it. It's not there. It's on the right and outside along the tubular frame. But that not why I called this meeting.

A recommendation of a sort: Some have said that the end, of the prop wand, is placed into the forward tank retaining bolt hole. I'd suggest not. The metal rod against the bolt hole threads is in my opinion trouble developing. While I'm sure the practice has been practiced and practiced by many I'm inclined to think, again, that one of these times the threads are going to be buggered up. Now you find and place a small protective rubber cap over the rod end then place it over the bolt hole, you won't foul up the starting threads.

And put a small tad bit of anti-seize lube, or moly grease, on the tank bolt and run it in all the way to the hilt, pressing down on the mounting tab, by fingers only; then, tighten the last half turn with the allen wrench. A very very small bit, the slightest of film is adequate, of the anti-seize is all you need. Don't get the lube, the silver looking stuff, on your hands and touch your paint unless you have a very good wax job. You'd be better off with none.;)