Playing with new camera

Thanks Wilb. Is this where you live or ride? Or live to ride? Or vice-versa? Frankly, I would have expected meaner angles from ya :bch:


Good music, good ride, good scenery, good camera work, good color...looks like a keeper to me....and a nice area of the world to ride in. The road you traveled looked like it would be lots of fun...Thanks....SB.
Jamie, I was taking it kind of easy because the camera was on a tripod strapped to my luggage rack and I was worried about it. Seemed to do fine, but I'm going to get a real camera mount soon. That is home sweet home. Up until 10 months ago, that whole stretch was gravel.
The music is from the soundtrack of "Vanishing Point". "Welcome to Nevada" by Jerry Reed. An obscure piece, I guess.:D
Sorry Punisher.
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So what sort of camera is it???
I would love to have one on my bike when riding to Mount Hotham and over to Bright.
Might even be able to through in a wheelie or two:D
Exellent video, and I'm jelous as all get out. I have 34 degrees rain and mud. temps are falling and my bike just sits there looking dejected and ignored. At least here I can ride ***** on the video. oooooh watch that gravel:eek:
Nice video Wilbur

Gunshots thinks, I mean thinks he has mud. The mud is so deep here on the road out front of the farmhouse, you need 4wd Low range and lots of faith. The county came out today to try and straighten out the road and got stuck. 34 and raining here too. Could have stayed on the other side of the state with Gunshots. I'd not minded at all.

Anyway, Wilbur, you gas light was on. Don't run out. I like your piney terrain. I have lots of pines surrounding the house. I love the smell on a warm summer night after a rain. I wish my gravel road was 1/100th as nice as yours. It's a nice video and a keeper.

Getting the Flipmeister stuff to the Post Office is a walk on the wild side right now. If it gets any worse, the 350 Ford 4x4 is going to have to come out of the barn. It never gets stuck.