Pictures of Easy Brackets with factory saddlebags

looks good.

that looks like a very handy setup. looks good too.
I also like to take my bags and backrest off for certain occasions. and also keep my back seat off most of the time. check out my pics. the assembly that I made can pop on and off in 30 seconds. the entire framework can turn 180 degrees as the backrest for me or the backrest for the back passenger. rademis/Bob

I like your setup. I still like the leather bags the best, it gives the bike the 'old school' look that a Triumph is supposed to have. I was the one that suggested lining the bags with sheet aluminum but after some thought and other suggestions I believe I'm going to use 1/8" hard plastic sheet which can be more easily cut and formed and secure it with stainless rivets. I wonder if I could get away with using the pointed hardened stainless steel studs on my Pit Bull's collar...that would be a hoot.:D
Did you have to modify the inside of the bags any? Was it hard to get the brackets lined up? Do I sound like a little kid? That looks awsome! I'm on it!
Just got through adding some stiffener to the bags. I wish mine looked that good but real close to crap. I used Lexan after making a template and attaching to the out side panel with plated 1/4 " Chicago Screws (flush on both sides). I now have a blow up ball inside to help keep them pushed out for some form. Might try to fit a piece in the back panel after bending with a heat gun. OK for now. Those easy brackets look better than I thought. Nothing like a good picture to clear things up. Thanks.
No modifications at all on the inside of the bags. I still need to plug the original holes. I picked up some black plastic plugs at an an auto-parts store — the plastic Help brand discs used to keep door skins in place — but have yet to find a size that works. They're barely noticeable anyhow.

It took a little fiddling to make sure the fender bolts were evenly distanced from the fender so that the bag would drop right in. But once the positioning is set, the bags drop in and come off pretty quickly. I kept the left bag on the factory bracket while determining the position of the right bag. But even without that crutch, it would have been pretty self-evident based on the position of the shock and the right mufflers.

I'm hoping that my as-needed use of the bags will help keep their shape. Truth is, I don't need them every day. The Easy Brackets are a perfect solution.
Droopy bags

Interestingly, HD riders all seem to have droopy bags. Must be part of the karma or something.....:rolleyes:

My 2 companions that are coming to Nashville with me both have droopy bags. Of course with over 100K on each bike and leather bags, you have to expect some sag I guess.

I guess the bags are like a shirt, fresh from the cleaners. It's all starched and wrinkle free and you wear it all day and it gets a little droopy too.
I have the easy brackets as well and like them very much. Makes it nice for cleaning the rear tire and such. Looking good:bch: