Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
I'am so board I'am draging out old pictures..And I just discovered Photobucket..Can you tell HeHE..Please tell me what you notice in these picts. Jack
Maybe it's the restrictions set by our 'puter nerds here at work, but I can't get anything to launch. Maybe I'll try at home tonight. It's even grayed out in the text window your message appears in too. Anyone else???
It's Not Firefox

Flip..... Folks at Rusty's work must have a firewall set up. I got the pics to show both in IE7 and Firefox. The reason I have all this time to try them both is because it's RAINING! I know the problem. I came out of hibernation about a month too soon!
Same bike

Jeezze u mean when something don't work,It may not be my fault??? Really???Wife don't agree with that..TE He Thats the same bike..And yes it was a pile of shet..You guys put stuff on,I take stuff off..Made 3000 bucks taking stuff off. Was my first hardly and I didn't know any better..Thanks for looking..Crazy Jack