PIAA Super Plasma GT-X ?


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Dec 25, 2007
Anyone tried thes yet?
I was going to order the extreme white plus untill I saw these on the web site.
I am interested as to how the blue low beam works out.

A new addition to PIAA’s stable of high performance bulbs is the Super Plasma GT-X. The new GT-X provides an exclusive purple low beam and an Xtreme White high beam. And if that weren't enough! PIAA has added a purple colored top coat giving the headlamp a purple look even when the lamp is turned off.
Those look like pretty nice lights. Kind of steep at $85, hopefully there are some testamonials out there to back it up.
I agree, a small price to pay for more viability if they work well. I spent some dough on some Sylvania Silverstar headlights in my car and they were awesome, I mean a very noticeable difference. The only issue is that they only lasted about 5 months. I have been thinking about new bulbs and these PIAAs may be the ticket. I live on the outskirts of the Minneapolis metro and I often ride in the farmlands, it is no fun getting caught in pitch black with stock headlights.
Anyone tried these?

I can't believe that no member has posted a reply that has tried these? anyone?
This is from Pianoman in December, not the Super Plasma but an insight in to PIAA.

H4 Extreme White Plus
I had them put in about 2 years ago. While changing them over, the mechanic left the OEM in one side and the H4 in the other and turned on the ignition. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

They're pricey at almost $50 per bulb......but they've held up well and I'm very pleased with their output both in lumen's and color.

They operate with the OEM wiring....... just change out the bulbs.