Parts needed for next scheduled liftoff.


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey Everyone, I was wanting to find a site where I could order stock Rocket items. For instance, I installed the cat bypass I purchased from VictoryDave & when I took the rubber grommets out of the stock cat, I could not believe how "cooked" they were with only 33xx miles on the bike. I also had to put some heat to the inlet seal to soften the solder for removing it to place into the cat bypass inlet. I would like to acquire the rubber grommets and a new flange seal if they are available.

Give me a hand guys.

Am I correct in my statement of the flange seal being soldered into the inlet flange? At least putting heat to is is what allowed me to get it out. However, I did not solder it back into the cat bypass flange. Maybe I should have, but I think I would rather acquire a new one & install it properly in case I inflected damage during removal. I feel a slight leak at that point when she's running.
bigern2300 said:
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Here we go, off thread again, but it is fun.

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In Ray Braswell's picture of the ladies in the chaps, I had NO problem whatsoever with the exposed ****** even if it was only a rearview.
I had to look closer at the photo of the "gals" in chaps. I thought at first it was "a" gal standing in front of a mirror. After I reviewed the photo "closely", I discovered that my pleasure was really "doubled".

Hey Flip, I have the parts I was needing on order. Looks like Bikebandit has just about anything you need for the Rocket.

See ya.
I installed the TORs and cat-by-pass myself and didn't need any of the parts you need. I simply reused the original gaskets and such, tightened her up and all was good. I've got about 6,000 miles since I did the install and all has held up well. I didn't notice any rubber gromets, except for on the exhaust hanger, which wasn't a problem at all.
I purchased my bypass second hand (used). Maybe the previous owner needed the grommets and flange and kept them cause when it came to me, all I received was the metal bypass, period.

That's why I needed the parts, and found them at for about $16.

I'm sure if I had spent more $$$$ and bought a new bypass I would have gotten the extras as you did TxRIIIRider. The way it worked out, I payed less than half price for my bypass.

No-one has yet to answer my question about the exhaust gasket being soldered in the bypass or not. I'll call the dealer & quiz them.

See ya.