.020 Over
Aug 16, 2007
well where to start
, i used to have a v-max until some
in a chelsea tractor decided to pull out while she was looking the other way good job i was watching her because i managed to lay the bike down and do a good imitation of someone on the
run without the sledge , i also had on my summer two piece leathers zipped together thank god not much left of them also had on my
boots which helped in the final stop with them going into both off side doors lovely dents steel plates in the soles plus revenge for her going over the top of my bike just had a lot of bruises and bumps nothing broken
a bit of a belt and braces bloke had on my
air tex
body armour under my leather es too, so now
looking for a new ride and guess what i have decided on yep a rocket the only thing is do i get it all tricked out from the shop or get a standard one and do it up myself oh the dieleamer :D
Welcome, Weebs. Glad you made it and had the right gear on. One good thing will come of it, you're going to get a Rocket...

There is a lot of satisfaction to be had by tricking it out on your own.
Hey weebs, I'm certain that no matter which way you go, you will eventually change your mind on some aspects of the Rocket & want to alter the appearance. I've kinda settled on 2 configurations: "Solo & sleek" and "tough & travel", nothing on it for screaming around town or everything on it for a road trip.

Creativity is the key. You decide, not someone else. And I'll tell ya, the group on this site are none short on creativity. Lots of ideas to share and more to come.

See ya.
Welcome Weebs, I'm new here myself, and I'm also looking for an R3. I've decided to go with a base model, since I don't care much for the screen or the leather panniers that come with the decked out models.

Glad to see you got out of your interaction with the cage relatively unharmed. One modification to my FJ12000 that has saved me more than a few times was the addition of a really loud horn. I tend to use it liberally.

How loud is the horn on the R3 anyway?
Hey dutchie, it's a typical motorcycle horn. Very "off key" for the size bike it's on but is the same as all the others you hear (kinda like the Road Runner "meep, meep"). I've opted for an air horn which can be seen in my photo album. Some captains have mounted this horn under the left side cover but I wanted mine pointing at the person the "blast" is intended for.

Good luck in your pursuits guys.

See ya.

for the welcome peeps hope you are all fine i did not have a loud horn on my v max but i did have amber strobe lights on and they were switched on the reason i think she could not see them or me is she was only about five one and the door post and door mirror made a blind spot that she was not aware of hence sorry i did not see you , the reason that i was alert to her was iam aware of the problem as i have the same problem at work , so when i could not see her face i was on guard to the possibility that she might pull out , now ok it was a woman but it could of easily been a man who was not aware of the blind spot door pillars and mirrors make :eek:
Welcome to the forum both of youse.

The are several opinions on what to upgrade first. Many will say the shocks. Others will promote exhaust. And other will push either the Power Commander or Tuneboy. These are all worthy of your investigation; and, you will find a lot said on all the above.

Start with what you really want for metal color then go all the above. How much do you and your back seat driver weigh. The light weights around here and a hefty bag or two follow the Progressive line. I find the stock shock just fine. If you want loud, check into TORs then headers then open drags. Those headers of TravelGuy sure look tough. I like stock silencers. If you want to open it up then headers are the real choice. The "Silencer Upgrade" is a first recommendation from me. Although headers over-rule the fur ball removal need. Then the PCII or TuneBoy; though you'll quickly learn the TB gets you more bang for the buck.

Welcome to the forum Weebs and Dutchie.

****, I almost forgot carbon fiber wheels. Perhaps the group buy is still available??

Sorry for the late welcome but the weather has finally given into nicer temperatures and I've been riding every possible minute. They didn't name it a Rocket for nothing. I know you'll enjoy the ride.