Triple Bypass Wombat

Standard Bore
Mar 9, 2006
Having read the 'sitting comfortably' thread, seems an upgrade of the riders seat s highliy recommended! And seems the air hawk's the popular choice...any idea on cost??? (oz $)
I've sent an email to aussie bike, which i guess is also aussie biker dave on this site, for the exchange deal of the pillion seat...what are you thoughts on the stock job and any reco's on a choice of upgrade? Also looking to go for the short Triumph back rest for the pillion...any comments on this?
Have also compared pipes and the Mad Dogs look the best and are well they need the upgraded cat box...or is this included in the deal?
Heading off tomorrow to check out the Rockets available in Perth, have a few extra $$$ to make upgrades and accessories happen asap so looking for feedback n the best options.
Wambat!!! You sort of sound like you might be an Aussie... He He.. 'Eats, Roots & Leaves' right!?

Anyway, Aussie biker Dave sells the AirHawks here in OZ for around $250 AUD