Old School on new R3


Oct 5, 2007
Holt Florida
Just a short hello. . . . I just picke up my new R3 and love this thing. This is the first bike I have ever owned with more than two cylinders but its nice to be able to get back to my Triumph Roots . . .

Been riding for 35+ years with the majority of my bikes being HD and Triumph. Even a 7.80 1/8 mile 850 topped T-140 built with advice and parts from Routt. This thing is MUCH more bike than any previous. Hope to get to know you folks . . looks interesting so far
Welcome boogerdave,

Enjoy your new Beast. This site is loaded with great bling and tech advice along with a pretty good bunch of guys. Contribute often and post some shots.

Booger, Bet the rocket will turn that time or better.Rockets are mean mothers off the line..When you get some times on It let us know how It did .Not to many racers here..Mostly old people..TE he Crazy Jack
Welcome Boogerdave. Just so you fit in with all of the other old guys around here, you have been riding for longer than I have been alive.:evil:
Mostly old people, eh??? Better not look in the mirror :D.

Hey BoogerDave!!

Post some pics of that T 140 if ya got 'em... I just started to work on one and Pigger's got a '70 that he ignores:roll:


Pigger are you the youngest one on this site?? The youngest with the most sense. Thats enough to make me puke. What the hells wrong with the new generations???----Crazy Jack & coke Whoooo Ha Dam man ,do you know what a two stroke Is??And Its got nuttin to do with your pecker...
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Jack I have a two stroke weed eater and leaf blower - we had an old lawn boy mower that was two stroke, is that what you are talking about??? :D My uncle had a '75 Kawi H1.

OK enough talking about how old you are. Welcome Boogerdave.

BTW, my '70 Bonnie will be in the classified forum shortly.
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