nugget...thats smee...


Standard Bore
Mar 8, 2006
..Howdy doody all, I come from a land down under, where woman glow and men chunder, i hadn't had a bike for 20 years, been hankering for a machine for a number of years.....then along came the Rocket.....well that sorted that...I am the grinning owner of "The Black Pig" since Dec 04...hope to see you all in the soup..where we can have a pee together.....:cool:
Hi Nugget! You the old guard one ? Been a while. At my age, in terms the peeing, the only question is WHEN. Not where, let alone who with .

G'Day Mate

HAPPY TO HAVE YOU WITH US. When you have time......translate the word "Chunder" and the last part about the soup and pee? Must be the failing grade I got in International Communications. I hope you have half as much fun as I do riding "The Beast".

It reminds me of the 4 things older men should always remember:

1. Never pass up a restroom
2. Never waste an erection......even if you're alone
3. Never trust expelling gas
4. I can't remember the other one