Nordic Rocket III conference


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Mar 9, 2006
As some of you might have read from we had a Rocket III conference hare in Finland in a town called Turku right by us.
We had a goal of 100 000 cc at the same place, which requires 44 bikes and in the official count we had 45.

Here is a picture from the event sadly I'm not wery good photographer and we didn't have everybody on board the second day, it was all that partying in the evening:D


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Guys the real credit of getting the whole thing together goes to a guy called Anssi. He was the motor for this happening I was merely helping and trying to be out of his way:p . I don't think hes into these forums so I just wanted to let you know about this.

Now we are planning to get a RocketIII club Finland going. We'll see what happens.

That's more Rockets than I've seen anywhere around here. Matter of fact if there are any close by, I've never seen one.

I too love the turbo Rocket though the unshielded headpipe looks like a leg toaster but the air-to-air unit is a work of art and obviously a big wallet too.

Great scenery and great pictures.:D
Those are wonderful pics.... Thank You!!!

It looks as though you are having an almost civilized meeting. Our meetings usually break down completely and end up with myself, the PigMan and Pianoman fighting over the last slab of ribs, but what can you expect from a bunch of ma-roons.

That turbo bike is sweet :D... is that the MC-Express Turbo setup and is Nussekuden in there somewhere? I like that setup a lot... maybe a Christmas present from my lovely wife.. but honey, it doesnt cost a whole lot (compared to the space shuttle).

Are you in there somewhere Matti?? I am such a snoop:roll:
Yes you can catch a glimpse of me in one of them. Picture 12 I'm the bold guy whose blue Thaiboxing club (which is my hobby for 10 years now, riding is my passion) jacket is over the chair, so you can only see my back.

I'll try to post my own gallery this weekend on this site and maybe even reveal my face:p.

That is endeed MC-Express Turbo setup, awesome thing he had, I also suggested getting one but gues what me missus thought :soapbox: .
We did have an evening gettogether too but there was no pictures of it there, maybe I'll post some into my gallery if they pass censorship:D .