New Triumph Factory Tunes For Rocket


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Mar 5, 2006
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Looks like Tuneboy has gotten their hands on the lastest batch of factory tunes for the Rocket. They are rumored to of helped with decel popping and idle issues. They can be downloaded at Link Removed
Just looking them over real quick, no differences in the fuel mapping however it for some reason they have opened the secondaries 100% at closed throttle on tunes 20148, 20149, and 20151 in every gear where as before it was any where from 22 to 33% in the first three gears. Tune 20150 remains like the previous tunes. I haven't been able to open the 20145 tune.

Looks like 20149 tune (aftermarket exhaust with cat box removed) has power restrictions 1st through 5th gears via retarding the iginition. There is no difference between the ignition maps for 1st through 5th. However all of the other tunes have 3rd through 5th gears advanced, just like the previous series of tunes.

I am having a few issues with Tunedit program opening the new tunes.
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Hmmmmm... if the secondaries are open 100% at closed throttle, maybe that's why mine doesn't pop much.. ( I removed the secondary throttle plates long ago).

So, that makes you wonder... are the stock tunes heavily influenced by using the secondary throttle plates?

I need to buy a dyno :D.
Yes it is the tunes for cat removal and aftermarket and TOR pipes that they open the secondaries on. I guess that is their way of richening decel to quell the popping. I emailed Wayne about what they did as far as idling issues go.

Some of the issues I had were resolved by downloading the lastest version of Tunedit

However I still couldn't get the 20145 tune to open.
However I still couldn't get the 20145 tune to open.

Me neither. Since our current tunes have the secondaries open 100% everywhere and it pops, I don't see how this would work in the new tunes without changing the L tables.
I thought these tunes were supposed to remove some of the power restrictions, but doesn't appear to at all.

One thing is for sure do not load the 20149 tune. It would be very tempting because it is supposed to be for aftermarket pipes with the cat box removed, however POWER IS RESTRICTED IN 3RD THROUGH 5TH GEARS. Take a look at the ignition maps using the 3D graph option (I4 map).

In addition in all of the new maps now the secondaries are directed to close in 4th and 5th gears where before they were 100.

The idle speed is set at 820 in the new tunes versus 750 in the previous. Maybe this is the idle "fix"??

I will make versions of the new tune with the power restrictions removed and post them in the trading tunes forum.
Thanks for the info Pig9r. I looked through the new tunes and didn't see the ignition values changed for 1st gear from 0 - 1000 RPMs at the 0% throttle range.
This is from the 20145, 20148, 20150, and 20151 tunes, ignition mapping for 3rd through 5th gear:

Then for the new 20149 tune:

Notice the clear dip in the circled area.
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