Top Fuel
Nov 29, 2007
Keller, TX
2005 Rocket III
I'm getting older, and a bit wider (no fat jokes), and with age comes the joy of arthritis. Add in a few dongo's off rides in my misspent youth and adds up to aches in joints that are useful for mobility. So I recently took the Rocket down to Eurosport in Ft. Worth and rode through town to get there. The thing I noticed most about the trip was the aches in my hips from the constant stop and go at the lights. My Rocket is set up for long haul all day in the seat kind of riding. It's a Barcalunger on steroids. Not so fun in town, so I bought me a run-about. A 2017 Triumph Bonneville T-120 Black with only 1455 miles on the clock. What little I've ridden it, (like to Eurosport through town), I find no aches or pains. For hops to see the grandkids and general travel in town this seems to be the correct tool for the job.


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