New throttle lock

I like the wheel design, it looks a whole lot easier to manipulate than the Throttlemeister that I have now.

Thanks for sharing, I've passed the link along to some friends.
I got a chance to go out and use my new throttle lock this afternoon. It works great, you can adjust the tension of the wheel with a set screw, and you can back off the wheel enough that it will not interfere with normal throttle operation. I'm going on a very long trip this weekend and this will be a life saver for the old right wrist!!:)
Heated grips

Does anyone know if this throttle lock will fit with the OEM heated grips?
Sure it works

Yes it does.
I've got Triumphs heated grips and that KAOKO throttle lock and it all works as charm :D.
Thanks DANNO for the tip, just had to find a dealer for them closer to Finland, if any europeans want to know, here is where I ordered them from
Mike there replied to my mail in about 20 minutes and after ordering he sent mail that its off and should get to finland in 4 days.. well it took 2 days, so excellent.

Matti, thanks for your reply, I went ahead and ordered it anyway after going back and looking at the end cap. It should be waiting on me when I return home next week from this trip.
Thanks Danno, I ordered one last week and it came Monday. I dont think it took over a minute to install. Didn't even have time for my beer to get warm.:bch: Really looks good. Only been out for a short test ride but think its guna be just the nuts.