New Set of Wheels!!


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Mar 7, 2006
Sydney, Australia
Not what you think though... Just fitted some rubber castors on my KINGCHROME series 2, 9 drawer tool chest! Very handy to zip around the garage... No more running back and forwards to grab what I need! :D
Ha Ha..
Do you mean to tell me you don't use the top of your car battery as a tool tray???:D
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Tommo, of course, but then when I drop the dang spanner and it gets stuck in some crevasse and it takes at least two beers and a whole lot of swearing before I can coaxe it out... That's when I started wishing I had wheels on my tool box :p
I always enjoy shorting out a wrench between the two battery posts....

Did anyone see my finger?? It was here a second ago...