.020 Over
Sep 18, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Hello everyone. Just got my Rocket Tourer Saturday. Traded in a Sprint and I can say enough good things about the Rocket. Look forward to lurking, and contributing here.
Welcome to the site and congrats on your new Rocket. They came out with the tourer right after I got mine, go figure. It's a good deal since it's already loaded with pretty much everything Triumph has to offer. Enjoy!
Working on getting a good set of pics. Anyone else in the area. I am in Pittsburgh, PA. I would love to know someone else with one of these beasts. Esp. if they have an exhaust I can hear. ;)

As far as stories go the best was when I got my insurance. The lady on the other end was arguing about engine size saying " A big Japanesse bike or Harley has 1800 at most, you sure its 2300" That make me smile everythime.