New Rivco products - April


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Nov 13, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
I see today that there is 3 new Rivco products coming in April:

1) A Chrome diff ring.....albeit way too expensive

2) An Ignition relocation Kit.......grouse - save some mucking around !

3) Centrestand....grouse - but again too expensive

Hopefully someone at Rivco will read this if we make enough noise on how expensive the ring & centrstand is !!!!
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Thanks for the info. And of course the ignition relocate is where my accessory outlet is.:confused:

I agree that is a chunk of change for the ring. Just think how many they would sell if it was half that price.
They look pretty cool, seems as if the ignition switch's new location would kind of be awkward to use especially using the left hand to use it, might be me but it seems as if it might be strange.

Thanks ****ed for the thread.

You can put a lot of garb on a key fob under the knee. Instead we scratch the crap out of the current chomed cubby hole.
I prefer the convenience of yoke mounted ignition, as I keep my motorcycle key off my everyday usage key ring, but sure see this being a needed option for a lot of you guys.

Now that center stand is a must get and is in my purchasing queue. I think I'll wait for a 1/2 off sale......:D
Good info, Damd8279. Thanks. The chrome differential ring is indeed outrageously expensive. Besides being futile. But I am tempted. 6 months now that I have not changed something on my Rocket (rear tire aside);)
I use the Aux socket so I will keep my ignition where it is. I too will wait for the discounted sale of the center stand. I understand it takes money to develop these products but that is a very steep price indeed!
In defense of Rivco and Corbin bling........

I have to put up a defense for Rivco. I agree, the stuff is expensive, just like the Corbin bling, but, and the same holds true for Corbin (but to a lesser degree), there is quite a bit of engineering in each part excepting for the ignition relocation switch. For the other 2 parts, prototypes had to be made, fitted and then the stamping dies had to be made for the ring and for the center stand, tube benders had to be utilized (remember, I have a Baliegh Radial Draw Bender similar to the roll bender on 'Trick my Truck' and it ain't cheap. Individual die sets are over 300 bucks each and one die set is for one o.d.

There is quite a bit of related labor in the center stand including chroming, MIG welding and the fitment of the stamped and machined top part that mounts to the frame lugs. The ring is chromed too and I have to say that Rivco's chrome plater is top notch. I don't know if they plate in house or job it out, though probably the latter. Whichever method is employed it's true triple chrome, good stuff and expensive thanks to the EPA.

The center stand needed a lot of engineering to withstand the load of the bike as well as the abuse that we mortals are going to give it, intentionally or unintentionally without failing and possibly suing Rivco for a faulty product. No One wants to be face under the R3 changing oil and have the center stand crumple.....that could be ugly or a good thing for your heirs and soon to be young, widowed available wife......:)

All-in-all, the stuff isn't cheap, but what is now days. Like Tomo always says....."look how much we paid for this chatroom and look at what we talk about".....your exact words, by the way Tomo.:roll:

I'll be ordering a center stand. My bags hide the final drive so that's out. I don't need a key relocation. My R3 key is specific with a rubber Triumph fob. Besides, I like Pig9r's outlet better.

Don't bad mouth an items price until you ascertain just what goes into producing that item. I still think the Corbin 'Fleetloner' is over the top, but that's just my opinion.:D

Of course 'over the top' for one man is 'bargain basement' for another. It's all a matter of financial wherewithall and priorities.
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