Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
I finished today. New rear tire installed and while I had complete access I changed out the old plate mount and signals to fender mounts. I posted some photos in my album section but I still can't figure out how to get them in this thread. Of course there is a double post on one shot, what the @#$@, I am still in the kindergarten class of this computer age. Take a look if you have a chance and let me know what you think, good, bad, or just plain tacky.

I think that looks fantastic. Thats where they put the signals on 60.000 dollar choppers. But you really did cheat with the wheel off. Nice LOL Jack
jack placement

I was just wondering where exactly did you position the jack. When I jacked mine up last time the jack was under the engine and the rear end never got off the ground. I did not want to move the jack farther back because I was not sure where to position it. From the picture it looks like you did. Exactly where did you position the jack?
Jack position

It looks like he wedged the front wheel against the wall so that it would not move forward. The jack itself looks like it is well back of the engine, I would guess he just jacked it up from that point to raise the rear wheel well off the ground. Not a bad way to do it I would think, it's not going to roll forward.
17 days to go!

Who do that vodoo-Pig9r aka Nick Burns do-thats who. Thanks for the move. In reference to jacking the beast, I used an old trick from one my Harley buddies. I mounted the 2X6 you see to the garage wall with eye hooks. With the front tied off, move the jack to the rear of motor, up she goes. I also put 4X4's under the motor not trusting my cheap Chinese made jack.
I took the back tire off using a plyboard across the legs, 12X20X3/4 and position the legs center on the downturn on the peg bar.Lifts bike and seems to be balanced.You mean my Harbor Freight bike lift be made by China??:eek:

Looks like the same one I bought at Sam's Club a few years ago. Gave it away when I sold my first Gold Wing, guess I should have kept it now that I am getting the Rocket. Bought it to use on my 2001 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Nomad. It only cost (back then) $79.95.\
16 dtg!
Enough Room

Hey Brit....... After the license plate move, is there enough room for a pillion? I really like the look but if there's not room...... I stay with the cute blonde that rides with me!
And not everyone gets to kneel on one of those exquisite hand made Persian rugs. I'm usually on gravel or the neighbors dog's piles, which makes for a long project, no matter how fast you are.

Neat setup Britman, and what a "shine" on that machine.