New Jardine map on Tuneboy site


Jun 23, 2006
Wayne from Tuneboy seems to only visit one site. Since I am a "dual member," I thought I'd pass on some information.

He's about finished custom mapping Jardines with Tuneboy pod filters. He will be putting it on the Tuneboy site soon. It should give some of ya a better map than the 20050_3, which is based on TORs and triple filters.

I did ask Wayne about the closed loop issue. My tuner put scores of A/F cells at 0 and was still unable to achieve open loop at low throttle settings. My tuner told me that all I need to do is get Dynojet's O2 elimination kit, and he will be able to run complete open loop on a Tuneboy custom map.

A guy on another forum said my tuner was wrong, that that idea won't work. I asked Wayne for his opinion and am awaiting a response.


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Wayne makes it around here every once in a while.

Two different tuners have told me that they prefer to have it run in open loop all of the time. Otherwise the ECU will trim the fuel mapping and defeat the purpose of custom mapping in those areas. However the Rocket is in closed loop only in throttle openings of about 15% and lower. If you have a PCIII your bike is open loop 100% of the time. Now if you could go closed loop 100% and tune with a/f ratios I could see the argument of going closed loop, but that is not an option for the stock ECU.

Thanks for the heads up and when I see it I'll add to the trading tunes section also.
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