Standard Bore
Apr 9, 2006
calgary, canada
Hi, this is allan in canada, bought a 2006 rocket. Now looking for a biger windshield so I can ride in lazy comfort on the long trips. Going to Memphis this summer. Heard there is someone out in the States who is making custom shields for the rocket after experiencing the same problem. Where is this guy....?
Welcome algofar!!!

I haven't heard of anyone doing custom screens... that doesn't mean they aren't out there. I have heard of people taking screens they had from other motorcycles and mounting them up with the Triumph hardware to the front end fixing kit to get the heigth they wanted, but this would be pricey. Speaking of Memphis... I haven't checked the Memphis Shades site lately, I know some people were custom mounting some of those up to Rockets. It could be they have made a Rocket specific screen by now. Anyone??
Hallo Algofar; and wellcome
I found a windschreen in sweden. There is a link somewhere one this side,but i cant find it again. I think it was called Axess mc in Goetenborg.They had made a windschreen that was 6-7 cm higher than the origanal one that Triumph have made. The problem is Is it nice??? you have to look for your self