New guy, Rocket maybe?


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Sep 18, 2007
Hi ya'll. Dave here from the south (of the Mason-Dixon Line in Maryland). I recently totaled my '01 Venture and will be looking for a "new" bike soon. The Rocket III and the Stratoliner are on the short list.

I have done several demo rides on the Rocket III and liked it each time. Sure there were some issues with handlebar placement which could be fixed with some pullback risers but otherwise it fit me pretty well. I do some long rides (500+ miles/day) on a semiregular basis so comfort is a big issue for me. My two concerns, however, are engine heat and tire expense.

Has anyone found a way to put a more reasonable rear tire on the Rocket? Say, a 180 maybe?

Short of removing the catalytic converter is there anything that can be done about the heat issue?

I really DO NOT like the leather bags offered by Triumph. Is there any experience with alternative bags and or trunk for the Rocket?
Semi-regular basis you say:) Heat is not an issue unless of course you're sitting still. The cure...keep moving.

There are several approaches to reducing the heat. I run RedLine water wetter that has reduced the heat some. It's not, imao, not the header heat as much as that from the radiator, when the fan comes on. Though removing the fur ball does help a bit with the heat, it (cat removal) definitely opens up the sound and power. Personally, unless the ambient temps are upwards of 95+ I don't experience remarkable engine heat; not anymore than any V-twin I've ridden. Chilhowee will be working on engine guard chaps in the near future. Perhaps, because of the forward slanted plane of the OEM guards, this will help to route (scoop) greater air flow along the sides of the engine.

Choose the Rocket III. It's the most bang for the buck:D Then adding all that heavy weight tour pack and fairing won't slow you down.

A 180 tyre versus a 240? Avon will be coming out with an offering after the first of the year. Darkside advocates are numerous. I've not gone there yet but I'm convinced. I'm leaning toward Cooper Zeon 2XS. The "rounded mold" profile has gotten my attention. The terrible mileage and outrageous costs of the Metzler are principles in my decision.
Several Captains have added Corbin Beetle bags and fairings. I've not seen an integral trunk offering.
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First of all welcome RoadVenture.

Rivco makes risers for the handlebars. Triumph also offers pulled-back bars on the Classic models and as an accessory for the standard models.

I have not heard of anyone wanting a smaller tire/wheel combo or fitting one.

Aftermarket exhaust and better tuning will help heat somewhat but it is always going to be there in city riding. Not an issue for me unless it is over 90 degrees or stop and go.

There are a few other options for bags.

Your best bet is to shop in these threads for goodies.
SOme looking

I was looking around and found that if someone wanted to put a new 17" wheel on and go to a 200/ 50 R17 tres there are a lot more choices out there and it is cheaper.
But didn't we buy it for the big tire:confused:
Welcome RoadVenture!

A smaller rear tire is an interesting idea. You can't go too much smaller cause it would be almost impossible to set the bead on the Rocket's rear wheel. Also, you would smoke it with almost every shift, something like that might be fun but dangerous. You can always go with a car tire, many do...

Hi RatBoy, There's after market trunks that you can get thats universal that will fit the Rocket. I bought one off of ebay for $115.00 and it as a spoiler on the back that I hooked up for the break lights and lights on the side that I use for my single lights .And it fits my full size helmet with extra room for gloves cell phone wallet rain gear. Theres pictures of it some where in the photo album. And it comes with a back rest for the passenger but its really hard so my made a softer one my wifes happy.
Bags for the Rocket

Hey RoadVenture, I'm also thinking about a new Rocket and also don't care for the leather bags Triumph offers or the oversize rear tire.

I have seen some pictures of a new Rocket tourer Triumph may come out with that has hard bags and a smaller rear tire. It also has twin exhausts which, to my eyes, looks better than the three pipes sticking out at odd angles. It looks a lot like the Harley Road King.

If they do offer it I may have to make the jump,

I read on another Triumph site where someone was recently on a factory tour and saw them producing these. So I would say it is a done deal.
that beast looks **** nice. Several aspects are more appealing. The single head lamp and level set exhaust for example. the lower set hard case bags are a plus, imao. The bear claw is another story.