New Chat Room

Do Not Post This.....


This is the first post in the "Newsroom" that you aren't going to post for all to see. I know, you told Bruce (Gunshots) that you've never not posted one, but there is always a first time and that is now.

Some suggestions you need to adopt to your chat area. These come from experience on the USCA forum and their chat room.

You need to designate a specific time to initiate a chat. There aren't a lot of regular posters here and since we are all over the place, in different countries and time zones, in order to sustasin a group discussion, you need an event time.

I'd imagine to do that, you'd need to start a thread pertaining to the chat room, or a poll and ask your populus for their thoughts.

On the USCA chat room, the Persident of the Association arbitrarily set the chat discussion time, which is every Wednesday at 8 pm., your time (she resides in St. Joe, Mo.)

There is always a pile of sidecarists there at that time and none any other time.

It's a chat club, per 'se.

I like your default wallpaper. Looks like me on the Rocket3.

Just some thoughts, not for posting.....please don't post.....:D
If you don't want me to post it.... send it to me in a PM :D, thats why they are called private messages.....

These are good ideas. We may have to have two chat times set up because we have many European members that are about 8 to 10 hours ahead of us, 8PM here is about 4AM for them.

Let's try one at 11 AM Saturdays (Central Standard Time USA) and see how it goes.

Don't be afraid to jump in there at any other time if you see a bunch of people online. You can open the chat in a window and minimize it, but turn on your speakers and you can hear when someone enters... The chat room has some wild sound effects :D.