New backrest available


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Jun 17, 2006
So California
I am the back seat driver on an '05 black Rocket III. Although I have spent a lot of nights home with the kids, I am happy to say that we are riding alot together this summer.

Currently, I am sitting in the vendor area in Bakersfield (California) at the Thunder Run here. My husband and I are actually selling something that other TIII riders may want to know about. We (He) has designed an adjustable backrest for our bike as well as a couple of Softail Harleys. The driver can be comfortable when alone or bring the romance back to motorcycling and lean against your lady like the old days. Yes you can check out the website but please don't judge me by the site. We (I) am still working on it. BUT you can check out our backrest on ebay. :D

I will return but back to the website I go.

I looked at the pics on Ebay and thought it was a neat (but expensive!) concept, but I like my beetle bags too much, and doesn't look like they would work very well with that set up.
I hope you don't mind... but I moved this from the Intro forum to here just to clean things up a little... it is more appropriate here...:D
Sorry not for me

I am looking for a back rest for me to use. But this is no where near what I am looking for. Sorry. Way too expensive, way too tall, those brackets in back and the back rest area are not going to benefit the natural lines of the bike, etc. Sorry if too honest.

But I do thank you for posting the idea.:)
I was corrected

When I showed Bear the picture he corrected me and said those big crome square things behind passenger is the brackets for the saddle bags. I thought it was part of the moving back rest. Sorry.

However, we would like to see a better picture of your hitch if you have one....?
:) Thanks for looking!

I was very happy to see people looking:) Thanks! A common comment is...

It just seems the luggage portion in the rear was just too big and not blending into the lines of the R3.

I really appreciate the feedback! Yes, the rack is large! There is a reason. Take a look at the way it ajusts... There is a backwards "L" bar connected to the seat. The bar sticks out when the seat is ajusted all the way back. We decided that the rack had to be that big or the bars would look wierd when adjusted. If you were not going to adjust it that far back, say a fixed spot for you or wife, the bar could be trimmed, but then less mobile. thanks for looking!
Hello again!

I know this thing is expensive.... I about died when I seen the bill to chrome it! We do have a dealer cost page, but you would have to call Ken for that!

I have an ok picture of the towbar. It is cool! since it mounts in the middle of the bike, it is easier to control. He has the trailer on everywhere he goes. I always has a guitar, and a usually an icechest. I can't figure out how to insert a pic of it. The good pix are on the other laptop that doesn't go online but, if you send me a messege, I know how to put it in an email.

He has perfected the exhaust system this week. The gas mileage (he thinks it's near 50 mpg!) is great and a lot of other guy mumbo jumbo. I would ask him to help me but he is not back from the beach visiting the dealers here in California. Home alone again! That's why I am known as the Rocket widow on another site!