Need torque setting...


.040 Over
Feb 15, 2007
... for bolts that hold the Triumph dresser bars in place. Contemplating removing the bars to make room for highway pegs mounted in front of controls...

Why thank you Pig.

That's the top bolt, the bottom bolt, or both?

Also, is supporting the motor with a floor jack a reasonable way to remove the top bolt and not have the engine go tumbling?

The top mount is a bolt and nut, so you need to have the engine supported but not too much or too little because you don't want it to shift up or down when you remove it. Get a long pipe or screwdriver to help push the bolt out. The bottom of the crash bar mounts on the front of the foot rest mounting bar, they torque to 27 MN.
Sounds tricky. One person holding up the bike, while the engine rests on a floor jack bike lift? The other person removing the bolt, taking off engine guards, and restoring the bolt. Wondering if I should entrust the dealer with this one...

Hoping to install Rivco highway pegs with 1" mount to the front of the foot rest mounting bar. Seems like engine guards will get in the way.