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Feb 25, 2006
As you guys can see... I am stuck on how to get some tunes on my bike. The first step is deciding where these tunes should come from. I have a ton of CD's so at first I thought maybe the way to go would be to install a CD player/Radio unit but the more I think about that, it would be hard to change CD's, or even tune in different radio stations while on the move. So I am considering something like an IPOD. I have some questions... I've never had an IPOD..

1. Can you transfer songs on CD's into an IPOD? My computer has all sorts of music software, it plays CDs and DVDs. Also... will it transfer songs quickly or do you have to do it "in real time"?

2. It appears that IPODs come in different flavors... Shuffles, Nanos, 2Gig, 4 Gig and so on. Keeping in mind that I'll only probably use this on the Rocket I'm thinking Nano... It holds up to 1000 songs? The Shuffle is awful small physically. Is there really much difference between these other than the amount of music they hold?

3. Will an IPOD drive the small helmet speakers or are they just good for the small ear buds?

4. Do any IPODs have a radio feature?

5. Does anyone make a handlebar holder for your IPOD ?

I'll bet I'll end up running an IPOD through an Autocom but that's a whole different subject (an expensive subject). It would be nice to get some tunes that are easy to use and at least sounds acceptable for a couple of hundred bucks... but that's starting to look like a dream :D....

So help me out with this IPOD thing... I be an IPOD virgin.....
IPod mania

The answer to your questions are as follows:
1. Yes, using the Apple I-Tunes (comes with the IPoD) software, it will transfer fairly quickly.

2. The Nano is probably the one you want, I believe it has a "flash" memory drive so it supposedly is less susceptible to vibration and road "bump" as far as tracks skipping. I have both a 40G and a 60G IPod that I can swap out between my cars and the Gold Wing and eventually the Rocket once I settle on the sound delivery system (2 Wheel Tunes?).

3. You should have no problem with either headsets, earbuds...etc...with any of th IPods.

4. You can buy an FM adapter I believe that plugs into the bottom of the IPod (mine anyway...not too sure of the Nano...look up on web).

5. I saw the one listed for 2 Wheel Tunes mentioned in an earlier post on this board, click on it's website (in the actual post). I'm sure there are others check out "Electrical Connections", they do a lot of handle bar mounts for the Gold Wings, I'm sure they have a set up that can be used for most bikes.

Good luck and enjoy.
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Tomo, the Autocom really offers lots of "expansion" options. The one I find mostly appealing is the "Bike-to-Bike" potential. I really think that would enhance the the heck out of a long bike ride. Visiting with fellow riders when ever something of interest "pops" into your mind or sight. Pianoman has one (you know that) but I think it would be just like sitting beside someone in a cage and visiting to pass the time away.

Consider the "communication factor" as you ponder this new addition to the Rocket.

See ya.

Before you commit to getting yourself a Nano, FM add on, handle bar mount, etc you might want to consider the following:-

Check out Creative Zen 4or 8GB Microphoto or 4or 8Gb Zen V Plus MP3 players as:-

1) They have build in FM receivers.
2) Unlike the Ipods the batteries can easily be removed so if you are going on a real long ride you can get yourself a spare battery and just switch batteries to ensure you have sounds the whole journey.
3) They are chunkier than the Ipod Nano so theres less chance of getting broken. (One of my sons buddies broke his after putting his nano in his ass pocket and sitting down on the couch.
4) As no MP3 player is truly waterproof don't bother with the handlebar mount and just select random before setting off then put the MP3 player in one of your inner pockets. Plus it lessens the chance of any mishap which could happen if your ears were connected to the handlebars and you forget to unplug whilst dismounting. You can check out the traffic news on the FM radio during gas stops.
5) They have also got a built in microphone which comes in handy to record memo's etc.

Good luck whatever you decide
I hate to go contrary to the Ipod genre however in order to use it you have to have I-tunes to convert your CD's to MP3's. There are other alternatives which offer more variety than just a player which is all the Ipod is. It has no radio,will not play WMA files, will not record in line. I have been listening to Sandisk sensa m series for a while now. I got a 1gig for 39.99,it has an FM radio, records, adjustable synthesiser, resumes to where you turned it off, stop watch, and easy to transfer the music I have on my laptop. Or you can download songs from more than one source. You can use it to store files as well, just like a thumb drive. I use it with some 10.00 Skull Candy in ear phones that block out some of the noise. I have a 14.00 AM/FM radio I use to listen to those talk radio guys sometimes while riding. Which ever one I'm using I put it in my jacket pocket,run the earphones around the back of my neck which puts the volume control at a convenient location to turn down when answering those nagging questions the police like to ask me.;)
This is some good stuff guys... That's why I asked, I know very little about these things.

I am not stuck on an IPOD by any means and the SanDisk and Creative Zen both look like better choices. I currently have WMP 11 on the junkpile computer. It looks like both have an FM tuner. I may go test drive these tomorrow :D.

Rusty... I'm not even at that stage yet to be looking at AutoComs.... First I need to get a source for music that will be easy to use and reliable. Geeeze the prices... If I put $50 to $200 in a MP3 player (or whatever) and hook it up to at least a $300 Autocom, buy some accessory goodies and then some sort of Two way radio, I could easily be bouncing off of $800 just to hear you guys burp while listening to some Frankie Valley or Arcade Fire,

But you know I'm gonna do it :roll:

If you plan buying your MP3 player online to save a few bucks, check out Newegg and Zipzoomfly as well as Amazon to get the best price

Good luck

While others are right, there are more choices than just the IPod in the MP3 type world, there are ways to converting the WMA format to the IPod. One involves just using your "My Music" folder in windows and while in the I Tunes folder, select music to import from the My Music folder and it will convert to the IPod without losing any tonal quality.

The advantages of the non-IPod format are, as mentioned, several do have FM built in (am not aware of any with AM for radio or whatever), and have the mics where you can take notes. Batteries are probably an asset in this format as well. However, I have never had problem with the battery life on the IPod (can't say anything about the Nano as I only have the 40G and 60G models), but on the Wing I also have bought an adapter to where I run power directly to the IPod, bypassing the battery completely.

A good thing has been noted as far as "waterproofing" of any IPod or other MP3 player, on the Wing I obviously do not have a problem, but on the Rocket it will be unless you, as Baggage1 alluded to, keep the MP3 player inside your jacket (which hopefully will be waterproof) and out of the weather. There is at least one handlebar mount that you can place an IPod (and I assume any other MP3 player) in and it will protect the player from the elements...again I think that is available at "Electrical Connections" there are probably others, you'll just have to search the net for them.

Sometime today I'll see if I can search around and come up with some exact locations on the web where you can look up these options.
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Water proofing

For some waterproofing options go to and scroll down to MP3 players and choose either Aquabox2 (full size players) or Aquabox3 (smaller players). I checked Electrical Connections and the only thing they were offering was primarily Wing related as a wiring harness for the IPod and that probably will not be use on a Rocket.

Also there are a number of remote devices for MP3 players (especially the IPod) that would enable you to control a hidden IPod without having to play around with the IPod itself while riding (usually have play, ff, rw, pause, up/down volume features).
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While we are focusing on "how to handle wet conditions" with these electrical devices, I'd like to know how the communication systems hold up. If you are riding in substantially wet conditions, do you "not" use these systems (stow them away)? Will the mics continue to work for the rider & passenger if they get wet? I don't recall any warning in the booklet that came with my Autocom system. Maybe I'll need to contact them & see what the stipulations are.

ps, does not work (for me anyway). does but may not be the site Molinoman is speaking of.
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