Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Try this for my first video. Wanted you all to hear spike but the little camera mike sucks..The wind sucks the traffic sucks and took 30 minutes to frigen upload to photo bucket..Oh well I'll try It again some time at 140 mph..Thanks for watching Jack - Oh thats my bud George at the end..

What did u click on I don't see any sheep..Did the dam video work? I'll get better with practice..The director was drunk..Later Jack
That's every bit as good as Pirates of the Missouri River. Academy Award baby!!! I can't wait for the sequel...
Jack, bike sounds great. When Im finally done...hopefully next Tues/Weds (waiting on a replacement exhaust stud to come in) I'll have to post a clip of mine with Supertrapp. I fired it up momentarily with the new exhaust before taking the bad stud out....Way different sound than the Jars...Me like it ! Thanks to your help, the exhaust came out way better than I expected.

Great Todd,we can play sound files till Flips speakers blow out...His bike sounds like a Singer..U know how old people can't take loud noise. Seriously though The city of denver colo.just put a fine of 500 bucks in effect starting on july 1st. for altered pipes..So keep your stock stuff,its comming. Will make old man Flip happy..And put alot of after market pipes out of busness.. Crazy Jack