Mounting a Zumo GPS


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Feb 15, 2007
Hi, I'm hoping to mount a Zumo GPS to my Rocket. The ideal location would be front and center, just above the gauges. I tried mounting it on the bars near the clutch lever, and it's too distracting right next to the mirror.

Seems like a windscreen could anchor it using a RAM mount setup. Maybe even a sport screen. Anybody have experience/pictures/advice? Thanks.
Ram It Home

I've used several of their setups for my TOMTOM Rider GPS, radar detector and Kenwood transciever. If there's not enough room on your handlebars....RAM does make several suction cup bases that seem to hold real well and would probably attach to the inside of the windshield.

Also, you might look into using the all weather Velcro Extreme. It's made for rougher surfaces but you might use it to adhere a RAM flat base to the tank area. Don't know what that would do to the paint. I'm not sure if I'm thinking about the paint or just sniffing it! When you get it done, give us some picutures. Good Luck!

I just bought a Garmin c550 for the car, the suction cup on it works real well, it's batterly powered, with a 12V adapter for the car. Very accurate, leaving in a few minutes from Memphis to go to Nashville to visit the Crafters of Tennessee to see some guitar making in action (along with a few banjos). It is also where the new Brian May "Red Special" guitar is being made and I wanted to see this version (not the official one, but a pretty close copy of it).