More Goodies


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
It was 26 degrees this morning when I took the beast for more goodies and the heated Gerbing gloves were absolutely wonderful. Finally posted a few pictures:

1. Rivco Passenger Footboards with extensions for Corbin Bags
2. Enlarged pillion from Aussie Dave with custom concave backrest
3. Little Joe Magnetic Tank Bag
4. Instrument cluster and ClearView Screen with built in adjustable vent
5. Chrome gear-change actuator
6. Chrome water pump cover
7. Rear fender tip
8. Front fender/ front tip
9. Front fender/ rear tip
10. Front fender/ both
Good Idea

Tom..... When I first bought a portable piano (1980) it weighed around 400 pounds. Carried that puppy on the road with a band for 9 months. Then I found one (1991) that had more buzzers and whistles and only weighed 200 pounds. Carried that one around town for 12 years. Now I've got one (2001) that does even more at 63 pounds. One more technological advancement and it might be possible to slide it in between the radio and the GPS.

I saw a keyboard at Sharper Image that you roll out onto a table and play the darn thing. What's next?

FYI......... Yamaha, Steinway are decent but Bösendorfer is still the KING!