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All you have to do is purchase the metric adaptor around $9.99 and you're in business. I put on a pair of Magnum Large Head recently and they really do give you more view of each side.
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Have you got any pictures of your "other than OEM" mirrors. I'll check your photo album as well. Was thinking that when I get my Rocket that I may want better visibility mirrors.
Hey guys, just be aware that the stock mirrors are "convex", which means you see more field of view behind you. If you change to Kurya...n, you will have a choice of convex or flat. The flat takes some getting use to if you've rode with typical convex for a long time.

The flat mirrors are a little more "touchy" when adjusting do to the defined field of view. If you can find some of both styles out of the package, I'd hold them up & see the difference (using them as though they are mounted on the bike) before deciding.

I rode with convex mirrors on the Yamaha for 28 years and after a few months with the stock ones on the "FAST" red rocket, I changed for the large flat oval (not elipacle) style & it "really" took some getting use to. Notice there are different arm lengths also (as Pianoman stated) and the longer arms "reach out" around you somewhat better (PF, you might need the Extra long version that hasn't be developed yet:)).

If you go with the Kurya...n style, you'll wind up taking the little swage gismo out of the bottom of the mirror hole on both sides. Keep it with the stock mirror just in case. I believe the stock mirrors may be put back on in the future but you'll need to keep the "gismo" to install them.

See ya.
Here's a link to my mirror install.

The think is the mirror mount on the Rocket isn't threaded it is a rubber bushing with a inner metal sleeve. So you have to make sure the adapter will fit through the mount and have enough thread on the other side to be able to have a nut threaded on.

I got the convex mirrors and found the view to be similar to the stock mirrors.
A Few Shots

PF...... I posted 2 pictures of the Kuryakan Magnum Mirrors and 1 of the metric adaptor.

HR3....... I got the long stems that turn outward toward the top. Thought it would help get the mirror a tad farther outside the body blocker! Then I realized I'm wider than the bike so losing weight seems to be the only alternative! DRAT.
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Pig9r- Your new mirrors do look great. My only real dislike for the stock mirrors is the extent they are above the grips. Are your new mirrors significantly closer to the grips than stock? I prefer the lower profile.