raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Any of you Rocketeers willing to meet me in Newton Iowa on June 24th I'll get you into the pits to see my friend Milka Duno race (IRL). I am going to Ft. Worth to see her this weekend. But I am not riding. I will ride from Kansas City to Newton. Trying to convince her to get a Rocket III. Link Removed
I had to postpone my trip to Des Moines on the 15th (buddy forgot about a previous commitment) so I could very well be available (and willing) to travel along with you if you don't mind. Will you be returning the same day? My guess is yes. About 2 1/2 hours from St. Joe and you'll add an hour to that by the time you pass through here. A day at the races is something I haven't done for many years, let alone a "pit side" view.

Let's discuss Raymond. A "make-up" trip for the lost one to Des Moines sounds great, and your destination is just to the East of there. Let me know.

See ya. OH, Sounds like "2" departing from KC to Smashville.
Hey Raymond

Are they racing in Watkins Glenn NY this year?? If they are and the timing is right I might go. My dad is the founder of Mercy flight and they have a helicopter there for all the big events.
(Switzer)-land flowing with milk (a) and honey?

Regardless, Paul, I'll wholeheartedly support you efforts to support her. Jamie;)
Yes Paul, she will be racing in Watkins Glen. Unfortunatly it will be her first race I miss because it is when we will be in Nashville. Milka finished 11th in Ft. Worth. Still last of the finishing cars, but the field started with 23. She is doing very, very well for her rookie season. Should definatly win Rookie of the year.
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Milka's personal assistant Laura. Milka has an agent that managers her career, but he has other drivers as well (including Indy winner Dario). Laura puts 100% of her time working directly with Milka. Good girl! Lots of fun and a quality person, as is the whole team.