raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Ok you Michigan gearheads, get your butts out to Brooklyn Michigan and cheer my girl Milka on in this weeks Indy Racecar League Series event. It's at the Michigan International Raceway at noon on Sunday. I'll be headed to Sturgis so I can't make it.
Well Raymond, that's 15 miles from the farm. I've never been there while a race is going on. Been there plenty of times during non racing. We used to bale wheat straw directly across from the main gate on M12.

The problem with MIS is the same as Pocono Raceway. It's in the middle of nowhere so when it's time to leave, it's gridlock for hours. We tend to stay at home on race weekends. The traffic is horrendous. You can't beg, borrow or steal a room anywhere around here during a race and the local hotel/motel owners triple their rates.

It also seems everytime there is a race, it rains. The infield at MIS turns into a sea of mud and stuck campers. I always wanted the contract to pull 'em out. We have a good friend who owns the farm where we used to bale. He's set up a race weekend campground on his side lot and it's put his 3 kids through college and remodeled his farmhouse too.