Jun 23, 2006
The airbox and the Jardines are on the bike. Ya all know how good the Jars are, so I'll skip telling you how much I like them. LoL

The airbox and the bearclaw look good. They blend in very well with the bike. The black bearclaw looks so much better than the chrome one. I'll get some pictures up next week.

I noticed that the bike is torquier than it was with the underseat K&N and TORs and 20050_2. The first 3 gears were rippin with 20050_3. 4th was somewhat better while 5th didn't seem much different than the previous setup I had.

Only problem right now is the air filter. Turning all the way left to engage the lock interferes with any air filter longer than 72mm. Also, some of the warm air from the radiator is entering the bottom of the filter.

MGS and the Triumph dealer had a mixup with filter numbers, and by the time MGS came up with the right part number, the dealer and I had already decided to put on a filter that would fit - the RU-2780. MGS told me tonight that they have a bigger filter that will fit on the bike; however, I just cannot see how on Earth any filter longer than the 2780s will work without removing the front turn signals.

I'm pissed about the air filter issue, but I do think that MGS and I will come up with a happy solution. I talked to the MGS folks tonight but it was near closing. I'll find out more tomorrow...

So far as dyno results, I'm gonna wait until I resolve the air filter issue.

Tall Tx Guy
K&N has covers that slip right on those filters although I don't know how well they protect against rain.

So far as pics, a friend at work will snap some next week.

Everybody (especially Central Texans),
Did receive some good news this morning. A local motorcycle shop (Kay's Motorcycle Mania in Nolanville) opened up a dyno and it's up and running (3 pulls for $50). I am gonna get some HP, TQ, and A/F numbers this weekend although I do not expect dazzling results with the baby filter. LoL
Gonna do some dyno runs this weekend with the RU-2780 in place as well as some panty hose and see if things lean out with the panty hose, which will tell me if the airbox is just for looks or possibly performance-oriented.
MGS agreed to sport the cost of LEDs although I will have to take care of the installation cost if I don't do it myself. I also will have to pay for a new filter.

I should be getting my new filter tomorrow. I'm hoping to have it before my dyno appointment; otherwise, the dyno waits another week.

And I will get pics online next week. Can I email them to somebody and have you post them please? I'm a bit illiterate with posting.

Hava good weekend,
Tall Tx Guy
I'm running Jardines with the MGS custom airbox. I replaced the tiny RU-2780 with the RU-1770. Riding over to the dyno, I could instantly tell that the 2780 had been starving the bike for air as the bike pulled hard in every gear with 2nd gear being a freakin' beast.

I tried 3 different tunes. The 1st tune was 20050_3 off the Tuneboy site. My 2nd stuen took me a week to create - I averaged every F1,2,3 value between 20050_3 & 1fsthombre. The 3rd tune was 1fsthombre.

1st run (20050_3): 138.35 HP 151.72 TQ
The A/F line pretty much stayed around 13 with some minor peaks and valleys. The low was 13 @ 4000 RPMs and the high 14.2 @ 3200 RPMs.

2nd run (20050_3 & 1fsthombre average): 137.47 HP 152.63 TQ
The A/F line was **** near riding the red dotted line with a low of 12.5 @ 5300 RPMs and a peak of 13.5 @ 3000 RPMs. The bike sounded so much better than the 1st run. The dyno guy looked over and thumbs upped me after that run.

3rd run (1fsthombre): 136.60 HP 151.28 TQ
The A/F line dug down to 11.5 @ 4900 RPMs and reached 14.1 @ 3200. The bike sounded like it was dragging ass, which the dyno guy confirmed with a shake of the head. Hombre's tune was way too rich for my Rock.

Although the top end HP results aren't dazzling, I compared torque and horsepower at various points from the 2nd run adn the time I dynoed my 20050_2 tune with an underseat K&N. I did gain anywhere from 7 to 10 HP along both the HP & TQ curves.

Next step is to custom map on a dyno with the tunelink & Tuneboy.

I really like the way the airbox looks. I will get some pics up soon. It seems like the airbox mod is more about that low end, torquey kind of thing. Ain't no way in Hades the airbox sucks as much air as the triple filter mod, so if you're looking for pure performance, then the triple filter (K&N or UNIs) mod is the bomb.