Maxton Spring Meet


Dec 31, 2006
The dates have been set for the 2008 Land Speed Racing season for the East Coast Timing Association. The first '08 meet at Maxton, North Carolina is April 5th & 6th.


It is rumored that an R3 will be running there next year. :cool:
For the April Meet I hope to earn my "Class B" license, by demonstrating a controlled run exceeding 175 MPH. Licensing runs are not recordable for record attempts... you first have to be licensed in your speed Class.

For LSR, remember you first need to earn a "Class D" (125 - 149 MPH) license, before you can earn a "Class C" (150 - 174 MPH), which you need before earning a "Class B".

I'm too old at this point to aspire to a "Class A" LSR license, which is the 200+ MPH club. :eek:
Come on Hombre, it's only 25 mph faster.........:D

Years and years ago I went for a ride in my old boss's Ferrari 350 Berlinita Boxer V12. We went south out of Cleveland toward Columbus on I-71 on a Sunday morning and he took that sucker to better than 190. I know, I looked over at the speedometer. The nededle was between 190 and 195. Once is enough. I've been better than 150 many times on the sled and my (I wish I still had it) '66 Vette was good for 150 with the top down. Have to be hanging on, the wind tries to suck you right out of the seat. Too old for that stuff now. But you build the bike, exploring the top end under controlled conditions is and will be a thrill that few will experience. Problem is, anything over 150 and you unload, there ain't no amount of leather, Nomex or whatever that's gonna save your epidermis from the abrasive effect of the ground.:D

If you would, give me the run dates and exact location and I'll come down and at least give you moral support.
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